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1. Hot plate

6. Thermal Evaporator

¤ıUsed as a substitute for one of    the burners from an oven range    or the cook top of a stove

¤ıTo heat glassware or its  conte    nts. Some hot plates also    contain a magnetics stirrer, allo    wing the heated liquid to be stirr    ed automatically.

  ¤ıMicrofabrication to depo      sit metal films

  ¤ıMaking macro-scale      products such as      metalized plastic film.

2. Thermal CVD

7. Wire Bonder

   ¤ı SiN deposition
   ¤ı SiO2 deposition
   ¤ı Dielectric thin film deposition

   ¤ı Wire bonding for LED        fabrication
   ¤ı Variable wire bonding for        nano device

3. RTA

8. Mask Aliner

   ¤ı Heat treatment for ohmic        contact
   ¤ı Heat treatment for thermal        oxide
   ¤ı Heat treatment for stress        relaxation

   ¤ı Photo lithography for 2        §­ - scale devices
   ¤ı Photo lithography for 2        §­ - scale R&D

4. RF-Sputter

9. Wet Station

  ¤ı Seed layer metal deposition       for plating process
  ¤ı Metal oxide/nitride deposition       using reactive sputtering
  ¤ı MEMS /NEMS process

  ¤ı Pre-cleaning (acid,       alkali,organic)
  ¤ı Post-cleaning       (PR, organic removal)
  ¤ı Wet etch (oxide, nitride       etch & strip)

5. Probe station

10. LED Measerment

   ¤ı Electrical characteristic        measurement of
       semiconductor devices

  ¤ıElectrical and optical ch      aracteristic measurement      of LED

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