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Research Area

1. Nano Semiconductors/Optoelectronics



- Functional: LEDs, LDs, Solar Cells, MEMS, etc.


(Energy,Environment, Display, )


                               2. Nano Bio/Photonics



 - Medical imaging,  THz imaging ,  




 Microwave photonics, Spin photonics, etc.



                           3. Nano Materials/Processing



-Nano dots/wires, Nano patterning, etc.


  - Photonic crystals, Metamaterials, etc. 



4. NanoStructures  



- Photonic crystals, Metamaterials, etc.


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         The Optoelectronics & Nano Devices Laboratory(ONDL) is located at          Room 556-1 in the Electronics and Information Building, Global Campus          of the Kyung Hee University.


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